AI technology enables BEAST to respond to user questions, moving autonomously and providing real-time replies.


BEAST’s 3D design allows it to animate and react to input, creating a lifelike experience.


BEAST will feature its own AI-generated voice for seamless communication and self-expression.


BEAST is designed to educate users about crypto, covering topics from account setup to algorithm-based trade signals.

Our Future


During its development phase, our AI will possess the ability to comprehend and respond naturally to users’ questions. While its primary focus is on crypto, it will dynamically adapt its behavior and response tone, providing a lifelike interaction experience tailored to each user.

Graphic Design

Setting itself apart from other AI counterparts in the market, ours will showcase a realistic animated body, adding an element of fun and intrigue to the experience of using AI and learning about crypto. Beast will feature natural movements and an intense, engaging personality.


Token holders not only get exclusive early access to BEAST but also have the opportunity to stake their tokens for daily rewards. In the future, we’re exploring the possibility of introducing a play-to-earn game featuring BEAST, allowing users to earn using the token within the game environment.

“Since I entered the crypto space in 2017, I’ve consistently faced the challenge of explaining crypto to family and friends. A significant portion of the population still lacks a comprehensive understanding of this transformative technology.

I believe Beast has the potential to be the solution for mass adoption, serving as a platform to educate people on how crypto can positively impact and change their lives.”

Dev- Rafael Alves


Fixed Supply

$BEAST tokens boast a fixed total supply of 10 billion coins.


$BEAST tokens are integrated into the Binance Smart Chain, ensuring swift transactions and low fees!


Our commitment to safety includes locked liquidity, a thoroughly audited development team, and the absence of team wallets.

Buy $BEAST tokens on presale!

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